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“Title 42” rule stays in effect

TITLE 42, a pandemic-era rule that restricted migrants from entering America, will stay in place for a while (Shutterstock).

“Title 42,” the pandemic rule that restricted migrants from crossing the border into the U.S., will remain in place for the present.

The U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday stopped a trial judge’s lifting of the rule, according to The New York Times. The court split 5-4 on the issue.

The high court will take up the matter when it meets in February and will consider whether the 19 states wanting to keep Title 42 could continue their challenge to the lower court decision.

Southwest cancels most flights

SOUTHWEST Airlines logo.

In the face of strong winter storms across the U.S., Southwest Airlines has cancelled 4,500 flights in two days, about two-thirds of their schedule.

Customers whose flights are cancelled may rebook for a later date or request a refund.

Also in the news … George Santos, a Republican elected in November to a seat in the House of Representatives from New York State, admitted on Monday that he had lied about his job experience and college education during the campaign.

Sports: J.J. Watt to retire from NFL


Future Hall of Famer J.J. Watt – now a defensive end with the Arizona Cardinals – announced on Tuesday his plans to retire from professional football at the end of the current season.

He’s been named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year three times, and won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award in 2017.

Weather:  Some clouds, some rain

The unseasonably warm weather we’ve had in the West Orange County area recently is giving way to cloudy and rainy days. The forecast calls for clouds and some light rain on Wednesday with a daytime high of 65 and an overnight low of 51. Thursday may be a bit cooler at 62 (51), with Friday similar at 63 (55).  Saturday should bring a 92 percent chance of rain with a daytime high of 63 and a nighttime low of 51.


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