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Glitch grounds, delays flights

MANY FLIGHTS were grounded or delayed as a result of a computer problem (Shutterstock).

The computer system that provides safety information to pilots of commercial airplanes failed on Wednesday, resulting in thousands of flights being affected.

According to the Associated Press, the failure was traced to a “damaged database file” and is not considered to be the result of a cyberattack.

The ensuing chaos resulted in over 1,300 flights cancelled and 9,000 delays.  The failure occurred at 8:28 p.m. on Tuesday and the Federal Aviation Administration ordered all departing flights grounded. Military operations were not affected.

More classified documents found


Aides to President Joe Biden have found more classified documents, The New York Times is reporting. Details of when and where the documents were recovered were not made public immediately.

As the second report of such papers found connected to Biden in three days, it has prompted Republicans to accuse Democrats of hypocrisy over their criticism of former president Donald Trump for hoarding classified documents at his home and office in Florida.

Also in the news … Jeff Beck, a renowned rock guitarist with the Yardbirds and other groups – as well as in his solo career, has died. He was 78 and bacterial meningitis is given as the cause of death.

Sports: Is women’s soccer for “rich white kids”?

WHY NOT more non-whites in women’s soccer?

Although the U.S. is among the most ethnically diverse nations in the world, the representation of ethnic minorities in the world’s most popular sport is lacking for women.

The Associated Press is reporting that soccer for females is perceived as a “rich, white girls’ sport” and that the “pay for play” model in which athletes are groomed for the highest levels in college and professional ranks bye expensive coaching and training has kept girls of color from advancing.

Weather: Cloudy and then rain

Alternating periods of cloudy skies and rainfall are in the forecast for the West Orange County area over the next week or so. Thursday and Friday are predicted to be mostly cloudy with highs of 71 and 67. Saturday should bring rain with a daytime high of 61 and an overnight low of 52. Afternoon showers are forecast for Sunday, rain on Monday and mostly sunny skies on Tuesday.

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