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Top two military leaders met

TOP U.S. AND UKRAINIAN military leaders met in Poland (Shutterstock).

In a further example of heightened cooperation between Ukrainian and U.S. military leaders, top officers for both nations have met in person.

According to the Associated Press, the meeting took place between Army Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Valerii Zaluzzhnyi at a military base in Poland.

At the same time, American military advisers are training Ukrainian troops on the operation of the Patriot anti-missile battery which could be a major factor in stemming the aerial assaults on cities by Russian drones and missiles.

Gasoline prices on the way up?

GASOLINE prices going up? (Shutterstock)

Crude oil prices are going up, and they could lead to higher prices that motorists would pay at the pump. United Press International reports that as China’s economy reopens, that will create greater demand for petroleum, resulting in an increase at local service stations.

The national average retail price of a gallon of gasoline has risen by 17 cents in a month according to AAA.

Also in the news … Controversial Representative George Santos has been named to seats on two committees despite calls for his resignation because of admitted falsehoods about his education, career and ethnic background.

Sports: It’s official: Staley to return


Los Angeles Chargers’ head coach Brandon Staley will be back for a third year, the team announced on Tuesday. However, offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and quarterbacks coach Shane Day were fired.

While the Chargers had a winning season and made the playoffs, Saturday’s stunning 31-30 loss to Jacksonville prompted criticism of the team’s offense, especially after the Bolts blew a 27-0 lead.

Weather: Cloudy and then sunny

The outlook for the West Orange County area going toward the weekend features alteration of clouds and sun. The forecast for Wednesday is for partly cloudy skies, with a daytime high of 62 and an overnight low of 43. Thursday will be similar but a bit cooler with a high of 59 and a low of 41. Sunny skies arrive on Friday and Sunday. Friday’s high should be 61 (40) and Saturday 65 (41).

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