“Flowers” bloom on Main Street

MANY PEOPLE were garbed in traditional Vietnamese dress (Orange County Tribune photographs by Jim Tortolano).

A stretch of Main Street in downtown Garden Grove on Saturday turned into a Asian thoroughfare alive with flowers and other decor of the Orient.

IT IS “THE YEAR OF THE CAT” as the Tet lunar new year is celebrated.

Termed “Flower Street on Historic Main Street,” the event – which continues on Sunday – took a block of Main from Garden Grove Boulevard and Acacia Parkway and created a scene similar to “flower streets” which are  popular in Vietnam and other Asian nations.

In addition to all the displays of flowers, there were giant petal-decorated figures, two dragons and another a cat, this being the “Year of the Cat”  as the lunar new year began this weekend.

Music, dance and other entertainment enlivened the day and throngs of all ethnic backgrounds mingled to sight-see, take photographs and dine at restaurants.

The umbrella organization for the day was the Vietnamese Soccer Association, and support was offered by the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce and the Garden Grove Downtown Business Association.

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