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Third flying object shot down

CANADIAN PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau with wife Sofie (Wikipedia).

A third unidentified flying object was shot down on Saturday, this one over Canada by an American F-22 fighter jet.

According to The New York Times, the pilot was acting on orders from both U.S. President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau through the North American Aerospace Command.

“I ordered the takedown of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace,” said Trudeau in a post on Twitter.

This object was shot down over the Yukon Territory, which borders Alaska. Canadian authorities will seek to recover and examine the wreckage.

Earthquake deaths now pass 28,000

DESTROYED police station in Turkey (Wikipedia).

As rescue workers in Turkey – and to a lesser extent, in Syria,  – sift the rubble created by two earthquakes five days ago, the count of the death has passed 28,000 people.

According to the Associated Press, millions are homeless in freezing temperatures. About 80,000 have been injured. The disasters have led to criticism of the Turkish government in its rescue efforts.

Also in the news … A violent protest outside a hotel housing foreigners seeking asylum in Great Britain resulted in 15 arrests in Liverpool on Friday, according to United Press International. A peaceful protest changed when a rival group of demonstrators arrived.

Sports: Lakers beat the Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors 109-103 on Saturday night and will be in action on Monday against the Trail Blazers in Portland.

The Los Angeles Kings were leading the Pittsburgh Penguins 5-0 in the third period on Saturday night.

Check back for results.

Weather: It’s kind of cold outside

Not exactly snowstorm cold, but the weather forecast for the West Orange County area for the next week is for chilly temperatures … at least by Southern California standards.

Sunday will have partly cloudy skies with a daytime high of 60 and a night time low of 48. There’s even a 16 percent chance of rain. Monday will be similar and a bit warmer at 63 (51). Dittoo for Tuesday but a bit cooler at 61 (38).

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