COVID-19 numbers plateau

CORONAVIRUS numbers in Orange County in this week’s report showed new cases down and deaths up (Shutterstock).

The status of the coronavirus infections in Orange County seemed to have reached a plateau of sorts.

According to the latest available statistics from the county health care agency, during the period from Feb. 23 to March 1, the number of confirmed new cases was at 1,314.

That compares to the Feb. 16 count of 1,426, the Feb. 9 count of 1,443 and the Feb. 2 count of 1,440.

Deaths rose this week to 21 from 15. Hospitalizations increased to 177 from 170, but the number of people being treated for COVID-19 in intensive care units declined to 19 from 26.

To date, according to the OCHCA, Orange County has had 712,571 confirmed cases and 7,957 deaths.

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