Huntington Beach

How much exposure is OK?

HOW MUCH exposure is too much? The Huntington Beach City Council on Tuesday tabled an anti-nudity ordinance (Flickr/Michael McCullough).

When it came right down to it, support for the proposed new nudity ordinance was as thin as a wet T-shirt.

On Tuesday night, the Huntington Beach City Council decided 7-0 to table the ordinance, in part over the weighty question of whether thong bikinis were illegal.

“It depends on how much is exposed. It’s a judgment call,” said City Attorney Michael Gates, in response to a question from council members.

There were some moments of humor. One councilmember said, “I don’t want to live in a city where it’s illegal to moon someone,” a comment that drew some remarks of agreement.

Proposed was a revision to the existing nudity rules. Added to the new regulation was going to be clarification that nudity would be illegal on any city-owned or controlled property or nakedness that was viewable from city land.

The term “natal cleft” was to be added to the areas that had to be covered up.

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