Well, there is some good news

FESTIVAL GROUNDS at the 2023 Garden Grove Strawberry Festival in the Village Green (OC Tribune photo).

Newsfolks are sometimes – not always without some justification – criticized for focusing so much on the negative in reporting.

But that’s because a) news is what’s a bit unusual, not the commonplace and b) people like to read about crime, crashes and catastrophes.

But we do take note of the good news. The 2023 Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is the second such event after the coronavirus pandemic and it seems to have been a home run.

“The 2023 Garden Grove Strawberry Festival exceeded my expectations and was a huge success,” said Andrea Palladino Perez, president of the Festival Association.  “I am delighted and grateful to all the guests, including residents and out-of-town visitors, who attended our ‘Berry’ fun-filled event…until next year!  I hope to see everyone again at the 2024 Garden Grove Strawberry Festival.”

We took note also about the great “melting pot” of ages, ethnic groups and lifestyles represented in the attendees. Diversity without division, I say.

Although some of his legal pursuits has been controversial – especially battling the State of California about regional housing needs assessments – Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates has been successful in winning for Surf City millions of dollars in his successful lawsuits against the state Department of Finance.

You don’t have to agree with all of his politics to recognize that he is a fierce combatant for what he feels are the best interests of the city.

But don’t worry. As a newsfolk, I’ll be back being the usual carping critic soon.

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