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Drones attack Russian targets

RUSSIA VS. UKRAINE (Shutterstock).

Ukraine won’t admit to it, but somebody – probably Ukraine – is showering drones and missiles on sites in Russia.

The New York Times is reporting that Thursday’s attacks targeted the city of Rostov-on-Don, where Russia’s command center for its forces in Ukraine is located.

Russian sources said that drone attacks were defeated by its air defenses and posted a video of an explosion in the center of the city which they claimed was the debris of a felled drone.

At the same time, Russia is targeting the Ukrainian infrastructure for storing and transporting grain as a form of economic warfare. The export and sale of grain is a part of Ukraine’s economy.

Ex-trade advisor hit with contempt charges


The Federal District Court in Washington hit former White House trade advisor Peter Navarro with counts of criminal contempt of Congress for defying a Congressional committee’s subpoena.

Navarro, who worked with former president Donald Trump, had been subpoenaed by a select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

Another former Trump adviser, Steve Bannon, has been convicted of similar charges and faces four months in prison. He’s free on appeal.

Weather: Thermometer on the rise

A hot weekend is coming to our West Orange County area with daytime temperatures reaching into the 90s. The forecast for Friday is for partly cloudy skies with a daytime high of 89 with an overnight low of 68. But on Saturday it should be mostly sunny with a high of 92 and a low of 71. Sunday will be mostly cloudy and 92 (70). But the workweek will begin a decline into the 80s and high 70s.

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