Huntington Beach

New e-bike rules are approved

MAYOR PRO TEM Gracey Van Der Mark and Mayor Tony Strickland (OC Tribune photo).

By Daniella Moreau/Orange County Tribune

New regulations aimed at curbing problems with the rising number of electric bikes was approved on first reading by the Huntington Beach City Council on Tuesday night.

The vote was 6-0 with Councilmember Pat Burns absent. The updated ordinance comes after finding that the newer models of electric bikes did not comply with the existing vehicle codes. The new law closes loopholes by adding definitions of different types of electric bicycles and a section on unsafe riding.

This ordinance would allow authorities to give civil and criminal tickets. Also, the new regulation would allow law enforcement to issue California Vehicle code violations on private property with public access.

Some council members expressed concern over criminal citations involving kids.

“We need to curb the e-bike problem that we have here in town, but it raises my hairs when you say a criminal citation,” said Mayor Tony Strickland.

A civil ticket does not go on someone’s record, driving record, or criminal history. The first offense of a civil citation fine is $125, the second offense within six months is $250, and the highest fine is $600.

Councilmember Rhonda Bolton suggested an emergency ordinance that would allow it to go into effect immediately once approved rather than 30 days.

The second reading and findings for an emergency ordinance will take place at the next council meeting.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the council is set for Tuesday, Oct. 3.

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  1. it’s about time, parents and kids need your be held accountable for wreckers acts on ebikes, ie speeding, violations of rules of the road,

  2. Give me a break, the cops don’t pull over anyone driving vehicles going 20+ mph over the speed limit down every street here in hb. Why worry about e-bikes! So is the city going to post speed limit signs on every street now for e-bikes? Most people have no idea what biking speed limit is. If it isn’t posted than you just fight the ticket like a vehicle would. What a waste more of our tax payer money! I ride daily and worry more about the cars flying by me at 60mph on a 35mph street or some ass wipe cutting in front of me because their too impatient to wait for me to cross the street. Try fixing these issues first!!

  3. E-Bikes need plates, kids need picture ID, parents need insurance and Mini Driver’s Ed couldn’t hurt.
    Some kids are 10 years old on these motorized vehicles and some kids have collided with pedestrians who have ended up in the hospital recovering for months.

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