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After 87 years, Zlaket’s to close

Zlaket's Market on Main Street in Garden Grove.

Zlaket’s Market on Main Street in Garden Grove.

Zlaket’s Market, the oldest such business in Garden Grove and possibly in all of Orange County, will close its doors this month after 87 years.

The announcement came last week that the Main Street mainstay would go out of business on Nov. 26, the day before Thanksgiving. The store, operating now as a deli and butcher’s shop under the ownership of Leo and Virginia Zlaket , predates the incorporation of Garden Grove as a city by 39 years.

According to the Zlakets’, the building (which includes an adjacent store space and two second-floor apartments) is for sale.

Four generations of customers patronized the store, and with the announcement of the closure and retirement of the owners, an outpouring of thanks and regret appeared on social media.

“Wow! How can Main Street exist without Zlakets?” posted one Facebook admirer.

In their own Facebook message, the family wrote “People have been coming in saying how much they’ll miss us … the truth is, we’ll miss you more. Thank you to all our loyal customers, and all those who have only been in once … thank you for sharing in the experience.”

The market is the second-oldest business in Garden Grove. Oldest is the Orange County News newspaper, founded in 1909 as the Garden Grove News.

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