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New mayors for GG, HB are likely

THE DEADLINE for submitting paperwork for candidates seeking city council seats is Friday.

THE DEADLINE for submitting paperwork for candidates seeking city council seats is Friday.

Update: Now included are filings, etc., for Westminster.

There will almost certainly be new mayors in Garden Grove and Huntington Beach after the Nov. 8 election. With one day before the Friday deadline, Garden Grove’s Bao Nguyen has not taken out nomination papers for a second term, and Huntington Beach’s Jim Katapolis had announced he would not be seeking re-election to the city council.

Garden Grove’s mayor is elected directly; in Huntington Beach, the mayor is chosen by members from among their colleagues.

As of Thursday midday, these are the people who have started the candidacy process, according to the city clerks. The completed paperwork must be returned by 5 p.m. Friday. If incumbents choose not to run, the deadline is extended to next Wednesday.


Mayor: Albert Ayala (papers submitted), Steve Jones (papers submitted), Don Taylor.

City Council District 2 (north): John O’Neill.

City Council District 3, two-year term (central west): Clay Bock (papers submitted), Duy Nguyen, Thu-Ha Nguyen, Vong Nguyen.

City Council District 5 (east-northern): Zachary Barrett, Demian Garcia-Monroy, Stephanie Klopfenstein.

City Council District 6 (east-southern): Rickk Montoya (papers submitted), Kim Nguyen (papers submitted).


City Council (three seats): Alexander Polsky, Amory Hanson, Karen Leighton (papers submitted), Lyn Semeta, Patrick Brenden, Joe Carchio, Jill Hardy (incumbent), David Sullivan (incumbent), Aleksandr Donovan, Hemesh Patel.

City Treasurer: Alisa Cutchen (papers submitted).

City Clerk: Robin Estinislau (papers submitted), Kevin Donovan.


Mayor: Raymond de la Cerda (qualified for ballot), Margie Rice (qualified for ballot), Tri Ta (incumbent, qualified for ballot), Visual William (qualified for ballot).

City Council (two seats): Diana Lee Carey (incumbent, qualified for ballot), Sergio Contreras (incumbent, qualified for ballot), Kimberly Ho (filed, status pending), Mark Lawrence (filed, status pending), Linh Le (filed, status pending), Samantha Bao Anh Nguyen (filed, application pending), Khai Dao (nomination papers pulled, not yet filed.


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