Huntington Beach

Pro-Trump march at beach attracts 1,000

SUPPORTERS of President Donald Trump marched in Huntington Beach Saturday afternoon at Bolsa Chica State Beach (Photo for the OC Tribune by Jerry Howard).

The “Southern California Make America Great Again” march took place Saturday afternoon at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach. The event was organized by supporters of President Donald Trump as a way of showing support for his presidency and policies.

Originally planned for the Orange County Fairground in Costa Mesa, the event was moved to Surf City because of security concerns. An estimated 1,000 people were on hand, including marchers and protesters.

A fight broke out between marchers and some protesters dressed all in black, a style sometimes adopted by anarchists. According to reports, a woman was pepper-sprayed and at least one person was arrested.

Jerry Howard, who photographed the event for the Tribune, saw things this way:

“I left before the brouhaha got into full swing.  It looked like it was petering out, but apparently things flared up again.  “Positive” was the word I was hearing in the Trump rally across from Jack in the Box. A lot of people weren’t from HB.  Everybody looked like they could have been.

“The protesters looked like the bad guys in a Batman movie.  They reminded me of the Symbionese Liberation Army; what Republicans think evil leftists look like.  It really appeared that no sane person wanted anything to do with them other than take their picture. There were maybe a couple of dozen of them and they looked way outnumbered.  The Trump side had some of the “critters coming out of the woodworks” (neo-Nazis), but they kept things on the downlow by and large.

“Inside the Trump camp the energy was ok, if weird by my lights.  A lot of Infowars t-shirts, Hillary for Prison, that kind of stuff.  I watched the arrival of the Defend America Banner guys at the anti-fa camp.  They raced through the crowd of less than two dozen of them holding their banner in a kind of symbolic raid.  The formed a group about twenty yards away and taunted the Anarchists before moving to the Trump camp about a quarter mile away or so.”

A WOMAN (in red) tries to intervene in a fight between a Trump supporter and a protester (You Tube/Hashtag=Re-hash).

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  1. The guy in the white t shirt hitting the cameraman who wasn’t doing anything but filming was egged on by the bald guy with the big Trump flag. He spoke to him, white t shirt guy immediately attacked the cameraman. The woman in the red shirt is the Trump rally organizer trying to get white t shirt guy to stop.

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