Council to mull a new-look Civic Center

THE CIVIC CENTER in Westminster could become a revitalized mixed-use project. The city council will hear from candidates to be the master developer Tuesday night (OC Tribune photo).

A first step toward developing a downtown and enhanced civic center may be taken Wednesday night when the Westminster City Council meets to discuss selecting a master planner.

The council will be asked to choose among three developers to create a plan to redo the Civic Center complex on Westminster Boulevard at All-American Way in a combination of open space, housing, retail and office uses alongside a new city hall and community center.

Earlier this year, the council approved a major general plan update that calls for creation of a new downtown district west of Beach Boulevard all the way to Springdale Street. A new Civic Center would adjoin and potentially create a more modern and attractive center for the community.

The Civic Center is 8.32 acres and is home to the existing city hall, community services building and senior citizen center, as well as a recently- completed new police building and adjacent parking structure, and the West Justice Center court building. On the periphery is the Westminster branch library, the Rose Center theater and a campus of Coastline Community College.

Applicants will be asked in their proposals before the council to state how they can create a project that:

  • augments community image;
  • enhances the Westminster Boulevard identity;
  • expands housing types available in the city and acts as a model for similar projects;
  • includes public buildings that “create a welcoming and efficient environment.”

The council will meet at 7 p.m. in its chambers at 8200 Westminster Blvd.

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  1. What the city is supposedly broke, 6 employee lawsuits since 2011, city’s liability ins. gone from $350,000 to $500,000 yr., the waste of the new police station, they raise our (us paying our taxes), raise sales taxes and now they want to waste money on something that looks fi e and the city does not have the money for.
    Flat out irresponsible and insane.
    Just runni g Westminster into the ground.

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