New Starbucks will look a little older …

A BEACH BOULEVARD view of the planned Starbucks in the Westminster Civic Center area (City of Westminster image).

It may not exactly be Old English/Tudor design, but the new Starbucks coffee store and drive-through on Beach Boulevard just south of Westminster Boulevard in Westminster will retain some of the color scheme and other architectural features of the adjacent Keystone Square which set the tone for the city’s center starting in the Sixties, say city officials.

The site was originally occupied by the Ha’Penny Inn, then the Victoria Station restaurant and later the Westminster Manor banquet hall. The building was designed in Tudor/Old English styles which include steep-pitched full gable roofs, big masonry chimneys, patterned brick and half-exposed decorative framing.

Two bank buildings completed the development at the southwest corner of the busy intersection.

Now, a Starbucks will occupy the site. The Westminster Planning Commission approved the project on the condition that its original design be changed to more closely reflect the Old English look intended for the civic center area.

The 2,000-square foot store will be open 24 hours and day and have indoor and outdoor seating.

Westminster was founded in 1870 as a Presbyterian colony. The name came from the Westminster Confession of Faith, formulated in Westminster Abbey in the 1640s.


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