208-unit condo project to planners

A PROPOSAL for the construction of a 208-unit condo complex on Beach Boulevard goes before the Stanton Planning Commission on Wednesday.

A proposal to build one of the biggest housing projects in recent city history will go before the Stanton Planning Commission when it meets on Wednesday evening.

Planners will be asked to approve a major phase in renovating and reviving the Village Center at Beach and Garden Grove boulevards, a development which straddles Garden Grove and Stanton.

What’s before the planners is a proposal to construct 208 condominium units on the northern part of the property, bisected by the existing Village Center Drive.

The Village Center, which dates back to 1980, has 4.1 acres on the Garden Grove side (north of Garden Grove Boulevard, on the west side of Beach Boulevard) out of the total of 21.87 acres.

Under the plan for the entire site, the northern 11.89-acre portion (all within Stanton) will be devoted to residential development. The remaining part – 10.18 acres – will include 6.08 acres on the Stanton side.

Changes planned for the center include renovation of facades and interiors of the remaining retail and commercial spaces and the addition of two new pad buildings.

The commercial portion will be constructed first – including demolition of existing buildings – and residential in the second phase. The proposed development agreement calls for financial assistance from the developer toward improving public facilities in Stanton.

The commission will meet in the council chambers at 7800 Katella Ave. at 6:30 p.m.

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  1. Will this project result in mid-rise multi units or just apartment or condos? If the latter, will they be low income units?

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