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A cozy breakfast time with Aunt Yese

AUNT YESE’S Home Cooking has a cozy, neighborhood feel (Orange County Tribune photos).

By Jim and Marilyn Tortolano

On the inside of the front wall of Aunt Yese’s Home Cooking in Garden Grove is the motto “Friendship.” That, in a word, sums up much of the appeal of this small but popular eatery.

If you arrive after, say, 9 a.m., you may find a line outside the door; people waiting to get what’s reasonably described as “the best breakfast in Garden Grove, Anaheim,” etc.  What’s the appeal?

Warmth. Very good food. Reasonable prices. And friendship.

The management and servers are always full of smiles and bon homie. The dishes are “home cooked” in the sense that they taste authentic and flavorful, not like from some pancake assembly line you might expect at a Denny’s or IHOP.

On the wall are paintings by local artists. In the seats are loyal customers who have become regulars. At first look, well …. you might actually have trouble getting a first look.  The last time we visited, there wasn’t even a sign outside; it was on order, we were told.


If you can fill a place that’s practically invisible, you’ve got something going for you. Jim is a big fan of theblueberry pancakes. They are the kind with the berries cooked within, not dropped on top as an afterthought. He adds to that always-fresh fruit and walks away happy but not stuffed.

Marilyn is more of an egg girl. Her favorite is two eggs over easy, alongside fruit and an English muffin. “Cooked perfectly and highly recommended.”

The menu of available food is extensive, with everything from Salmon Benedict to Homemade Chilaquiles (fresh beans and two eggs) to the usual suspects like French toast and a wide variety of egg dishes, bakery items and sides (Jim votes for the biscuits and gravy).

After 11 a.m. the lunch selections include five kinds of burgers.  There are also 11 vegan dishes and a kids’ menu.

This is not haute cuisine, but in the important category of really good basic food and service, you will have trouble topping a trip to your new favorite aunt.

Aunt Yese’s Home Cooking is located at 12444 Brookhurst St. (just north of Lampson Avenue) in Garden Grove. Hours are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. Website: (714) 712-6150.



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