Garden Grove

Review of OCFA proposal tops agenda

GARDEN GROVE firefighters in action (Dooley photo).

A report on a staff review of the Orange County Fire Authority’s proposal to provide fire service to Garden Grove highlights Tuesday’s meeting of the City Council.

In March, officials of the OCFA – which serves 23 cities in Orange County – made a presentation on the possibility of that agency absorbing the Garden Grove Fire Department. The council was told that the city could save as much as $23.5 million through 2034-5 by making the move.

In June, a representative of the Garden Grove Firefighters Assn. told the council that members of that union supported such a change.

However, the cities of Irvine and Placentia have notified the OCFA of their intention of withdraw from the agency. Irvine’s complaint centers on its  “donor” status. It pays more in taxes to the OCFA than it receives in services. Placentia has expressed concern that the cost of belonging to the agency continue to rise without control. Each member city has one vote on the board of directors.

The council meets in its chambers in the Community Meeting Center, 11300 Stanford Ave. at 6:30 p.m.

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