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In-N-Out coming to Beach Boulevard

A NEW In-N-Out eatery will be coming to the Village Center on the Stanton side.

The proposed reborn Village Center straddling Stanton and Garden Grove along Beach Boulevard will feature some new eateries and other businesses.

Here’s what confirmed so far for the commercial portion of the mixed-use center on the west side of Beach at Garden Grove Boulevard.

According to Matthew Peralta, communications specialist for Stanton, on that city’s side of the project, new tenants will include:

  • In-N-Out burgers, with a drive-through and dining room
  • Raising Cane’s, a restaurant specializing in chicken fingers
  • Planet Fitness, an “affordable” gym with training and equipment.

On the Garden Grove side, according to Lisa Kim, community development director, for that side of the Village Center, new tenants will include:

  • Panda Express, fast food Chinese cuisine
  • Chase Bank, a branch of one of America’s largest banks.

The Village Center, which dates back to 1980, has 4.1 acres on the Garden Grove side (north of Garden Grove Boulevard, on the west of Beach Boulevard) out of the total of 21.87 acres.

Under the plan for the entire site, the northern 11.89-acre portion (all within Stanton) will be devoted to residential development. The remaining part – 10.18 acres – will include 6.08 acres on the Stanton side.

Changes planned for the center include renovation of facades and interiors of the remaining retail and commercial spaces and the addition of two new pad buildings.



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  1. It sounds really good more cliental. The fact that is going to be on beach Blvd it will attract a lot of homeless, and panhandlers. When we use to have our store there we had so much problems . hopefully, the city will take care of this issue. Customer first,and safety of employees and customers.

    • Panhandlers, prostitutes, and criminals. That area is a nightmare of filth. Get rid of the motels and that disgusting bar.

      • Why would you suggest shutting down other family owned businesses such as the Hotels? That makes 0 sense.

      • The bar has been there for decades. Garden Grove Blvd used to be a gay mecca. Don’t hate.

    • I agree! We have enough fast food around although In-N-Out I do not mind at all. Maybe it is not too late. There is still leasing space left and if they would have maybe asked people opinions’ first….. or take a survey, it would have been to their benefit as well. With Wendy’s just down the block, Yoshinoya, Pizza Hut, Del Taco, Taco Bell, Little Cesars, KFC etc……… yes please no more fast food!!!

    • Luckily, “Hook & Anchor” will be one of the new restaurants there! Branching out from Newport Beach, you will enjoy a a beautiful, sit down meal of fresh fish and lobster !!
      It is the bomb !! check out their website! !! They are going to set the new standard for great food at this new location !!

  2. We need Ralph’s Super Market Back! And we also need a sit down Restaurant’s for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner! We are so happy that this space is finally under construction!

    One problem is those nasty motels that allows all the drug trafficking that goes on in their business! They need to shut them down ! That’s the only way Beach and Garden Grove Blvd will stay clean . Let’s not tolerate people to come into our city and trash it !

  3. Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Sit down restaurant. Why spend all this money and have only fast food?
    Let this be a nice area people would want to visit. we are restricted to Walmart in this neighborhood.

  4. I really regret buying a house around here. Noting but fast food restaurants I can’t find anything healthy. I have to go to seal beach or Huntington Beach to shop for decent food. I really hate Westminster and GG

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