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1-cent sales tax plan going to voters?

THE CONCEPT of a 1-cent sales tax for Garden Grove goes before the city council on Tuesday.

The placement of a 1-cent sales tax on the Nov. 6 ballot goes before the Garden Grove City Council on Tuesday.

Citing a “structural deficit” brought on by multiple factors including “take-backs” of revenue by the state government and rising pension obligations, city staff is proposing asking voters to levy the tax on themselves which could raise as much as $19 million annually.

If approved by the voters by a simple majority, the tax would remain in place until ended by voters. In wooing citizens, the city has warned that unless new revenue is found, drastic cuts will have to be made, with a potentially significant impact on public safety as well as other areas.

A poll conducted on behalf of the city in October 2017 showed that a majority of those polled (400) were in favor of such an increase. Support was strongest among those dwelling on the east side of the city (70 percent) and among Democrats and independents (67 percent each).

Support was lower among Republicans (60 percent) and those living in the central and western parts of Garden Grove (61 and 66 percent).

A follow-up survey asking residents to list their priorities was mailed citywide.

Also on the agenda for Tuesday is a proposal to approve the appeal of a planning commission decision rejecting a conditional use permit for a restaurant for a hard liquor license. That business had been cited for numerous violations.

After the council voted earlier this month to continue the matter, the new recommended action is to uphold the appeal and grant the request with a six-month probationary period, and to allow karaoke entertainment. 

The council will meet in its chambers at 11300 Stanford Ave. at 6:30 p.m.

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  1. To me the reason for the tax proposal seems vague. We already pay too much in taxes and I would vote no unless we are clear on how it will be spent.
    Karaoke is a every night event at the Halftime Bar on Brookhurst and Crosby. I live half way down the block on Crosby and the music is so loud I have to close my windows to sleep. The problem is they play on the patio and not inside the building. Why won’t the city do something about it?

    • City code enforcement currently operates on a system of responding to complaints, so if you want enforcement of the noise ordinances, you’d probably need to call the city’s code enforcement people.

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