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2019 will be the year it happens: Jones

THE LOOK of the planned SteelCraft Garden Grove, planned to open on Euclid Street on May 23 (Studio One Eleven image).

By Jim Tortolano

At most recent State of the City events for Garden Grove, the mayors have touted programs, projects and events that were on the way.

At Tuesday’s conclave, the news was that some of those long-awaited developments are just about to bear fruit.

While much of the address by Mayor Steve Jones was a recitation of major milestones and events that took place in 2018, he also revealed the dates when plans would turn into reality.

MAYOR STEVE JONES found plenty to applaud about 2018 and to look forward to in 2019 (Tribune photo).

“Right behind City Hall,” said Jones, “there’s this edgy, new watering hole and foodie hangout made up of 21 shipping containers and a tenant lineup unlike any we’ve seen in Garden Grove.”

He was referring to the SteelCraft project on Euclid Street, north of Garden Grove Boulevard.  The opening date? Thursday, May 23.

Speaking about a 70-unit single family housing development at Lewis Street and Garden Grove Boulevard (on the former site of St. Callistus Catholic Church), the grand opening will be on Saturday, May 4.

The Cottage Industries development southeast of the Civic Center area (north of Garden Grove Boulevard and east of Civic Center Parkway) will see the opening of its first phase – the Farm Block – this summer, said Jones.

One well-known eyesore, the never-completed Garden Grove Galleria project on Garden Grove Boulevard just west of Brookhurst Street, will begin its new life as Garden Grove Senior Village with work scheduled to start on Feb. 12.

“So, no more rusty skeleton jokes, please,” the mayor said.

In addition to the list of deadlines and starting dates, he noted the future possibilities of the OC Streetcar, reuse of the Willowick Golf Course and commercial development in the “West Grove” area, also known as the Valley View Street corridor.

He praised the performance and successes of the Garden Grove Unified School District and the three-year-old Garden Grove Animal Care Services.

The event was held at midday at the Great Wolf Lodge on Harbor Boulevard and is a joint venture of the City of Garden Grove and the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce.

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