Garden Grove

Fear of “bomb” shuts down streets

FEAR of what might have been a bomb led to police closing down traffic in an area of central Garden Grove on Wednesday.

UPDATE: The suspect in the “bomb” incident Wednesday has been identified as Jonny Knowles, 56, whose last known address was Garden Grove. According to Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney, Knowles was arrested for reporting a false emergency. He allegedly told the clerk at the store that “something big was about to happen and he wanted the [store’s] cameras to record the incident.”

Closed streets were opened back up to traffic around 4 p.m.


Fear of what police thought might have been a bomb shut down traffic in a large area of central Garden Grove on Wednesday.

According to authorities, the incident began around 11 a.m. when a man walked into a convenience store in the 13400 block of Euclid Street. In the parking lot, the man’s vehicle – a Ford Mustang – had a fertilizer tank in the front seat and there were hoses protruding from the car.

The man then left the store and left a jug full of liquid and a hose at a nearby nursery in the 13300 block of Euclid, near Century Boulevard.

In response, police evacuated some businesses and shut down traffic in the area of Euclid and Trask Avenue. The Orange County Sheriff’s bomb squad looked at the apparatus in the Mustang and determined it wasn’t an explosive.

The suspect – who has not been identified – was arrested Wednesday afternoon.

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