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The latest “Brexit” plan is voted down

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May’s “Brexit” plan was rejected on Tuesday (Shutterstock image).

The “Brexit” plan promoted by British Prime Minister Theresa May to extricate Great Britain from the European Union was voted down Tuesday by the House of Commons.

By the 391-242 tally, members of Parliament rejected May’s program less than three weeks before her nation is scheduled to formally leave the EU.

Voters approved the “Brexit” concept in 2016, but the government has been unable to agree on a concrete plan to implement the departure. The EU is a economic and political entity that seeks to erase or reduce barriers between nations in Europe.

The sticking point appears to be the state of Northern Ireland, a part of Great Britain immediately north of the Irish Republic, a EU member. The Irelands currently carry on seamless economic relations; a Brexit could erect financially complicated trade obstacles between them.

Another vote in Parliament could come on Wednesday. Some leaders are calling for a new referendum; the original 2016 election approved “Brexit” by 52 to 48 percent.

Celebrities, others charged in cheating scandal

Fifty people – including coaches and Hollywood actresses – were charged Tuesday by federal authorities in a multi-million dollar college admission scam.

Felicity Huffman (‘Desperate Housewives”) and Lori Laughlin (“Full House”) were among those indicted along with the senior assistant athletic director at USC and 33 wealthy parents who allegedly bribed entrance exam administrators to get their children into prestigious colleges and universities such as Stanford, USC, UCLA and the University of Texas.

The wealthy parents paid about $25 million to guarantee admission to their sons and daughters. In some case, it’s alleged, for $75,000 a substitute could be hired to take the test for their child.

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