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Master developer for Willowick sought

ARTIST’S RENDERING of the stadium concept for the Willowick site. Garden Grove and Santa Ana are seeking a master developer for the 101.5-acre site.

Another step in the development of the Willowick Golf Course is about to be taken.

The City of Garden Grove, in collaboration with the City of Santa Ana, is seeking a qualified “master developer” to develop the 101.5-acre site located at 3017 W. 5th Street. Through a request for proposals (RFP) process, developers seeking investment opportunities in one of Southern California’s largest greenfield sites are invited to submit a proposal for consideration. The RFP is available online at The deadline to respond to the RFP is Friday, June 28.

Designated an Opportunity Zone site, the Willowick property currently operates as an 18-hole golf course in Santa Ana, and owned by the City of Garden Grove. It provides a prime opportunity to create a sustainable, long-term development that offers a safe, vibrant, and multi-use destination for residents, visitors, business owners, and community stakeholders in the affluent Orange County area.

In addition to the close proximity to major freeways, airports, and commercial centers, the Willowick property is situated along the upcoming Orange County Streetcar route, a 4.1-mile city-to-city connection, currently from Santa Ana to Garden Grove. The property also provides connections to the regional train system.

The site is approximately three miles from the Disneyland Resort and borders Grove District-Anaheim Resort, which attracts over 24 million tourists to the area per year.

An optional pre-proposal conference is offered to all developers on Friday, May 17, at 9 a.m. The conference will be held at the Garden Grove Community Meeting Center, located at 11300 Stanford Ave. To RSVP to the conference, or submit formal questions in writing, contact Senior Economic Development Specialist Grace Lee, at, by Monday, June 10, before 3 p.m.

For more information about the Willowick Request for Proposals, contact Senior Economic Development Specialist Grace Lee, at


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  1. Can I get a better location. From the drawing it appears the soccer Fields, and Stadium sit, is where Theo Lacey Correctional facility, the Animal Shelter, Orangewood, Lamoreaux Justice Center, and the Block at Orange, or whatever they call it now.

    Is there a better description on GG website? What is the time frame?

    • The Willowick site is much further south than the one you are thinking of. It’s in Santa Ana, with an address of Fifth Street. Also, that drawing is just one possibility; there are others. As far as a timeline goes, the deadline for submitting the request for proposals is June, with selection of the master developer sometime in the fall. A project of this size would likely take 10 years or more to complete.

      • Actually Jim, the drawing does look wrong. I’m not saying it’s near State College and Chapman, but the geography does not look like the Santa Ana River and 5th St either. Assumimg what looks like a canal at the bottom center is supposed to be the Santa Ana River. The orientation is off and no amount of twisting a map looks like the drawing.

        But, let’s face it, the drawing orientation has nothing to do with the development plan anyway.

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