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“Click It or Ticket” program underway

GARDEN GROVE police are extra-vigilant this week to enforce seat belt and child seat laws (Pexels).

A “Click it or Ticket” enforcement program is underway in Garden Grove, as police work to encourage motorists to wear their safety belts and secure their children in safety seats.

The GGPD’s program started on May 20 and concludes on Sunday, July 2. It’s part of a national program to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities.

“Seat belts have proven time and time again to be life-savers,” said Tom DaRe, chief of police for Garden Grove. “Buckling up should be second-nature.”

Although California has a high rate of 96.2 percent seat belt use, in 2018 a total of 532 people were killed in crashes statewide who were not using a seat belt.

The fine for a seat belt violation is $162, and $490 for failing to secure a child in the proper safety seat. Under state law, children under 2 years old , 40 pounds and 40 inches are required to be in a rear-facing car seat. Children under the age of 8 must be secured in a car seat or booster seat.

Open House for Mendez Trail, Monument

An open house is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Westminster Community Services building to display prototype interpretive panels commemorating the Mendez v. Westminster civil rights case.

The panels would line Hoover Street in observance of the legal action that ended legal school segregation and California, and served as a precedent for Brown vs. Board of Education, which banned it nationwide.

Residents are invited to drop in any time during the open house to see the prototypes and give their input. Refreshments will be served. The address is 8200 Westminster Blvd. For more information all (714) 895-2860.

40 volunteers are honored by Ocean View District

The Ocean View School District board and administration celebrated 40 school volunteers recently for their efforts and time on behalf of the district’s nearly 8,000 pre-school to eighth grade students.

Honored were:

  • Circle View Elementary School: Kimberly Fatum, Alexis Erickson, Crystal Espinoza.
  • College View Elementary School: Caoimbe Chacon, Sheila Bunten.
  • Golden View Elementary School: Nancy Courrielche, Janet Ray.
  • Harbour View Elementary School: Karen Malatesta, Lizzie Brooks, Pam Vitello.
  • Hope View Elementary School: Tim Walsh, Amy Roberson-Wong, Beth Lauder.
  • Lake View STEAM School: Jackie Bidnick, Holly Gustafson, Jennifer Flores.
  • Marine View Middle School: Keri Gorsage, Brian Hatfield, Mary Elliot.
  • Mesa View Middle School: Huong Vu, Alison McMullen.
  • Oak View Preschool: Cristina Garcia, Mariana Gil.
  • Oak View Elementary School: Maria Orta, the Reyna Family, Rick Day.
  • Ocean View Preparatory Preschool/Pleasant View: Vivian Hoang.
  • Spring View Middle School: Leslie Sheridan, Libbie Rector-Knobbe, Cherene Neal.
  • Star View Elementary School: Patricia Scott, Erin Moore, Kelly Nguyen.
  • Village View Elementary School: Keely Pratt, Jennifer Runyan.
  • Vista View Middle School: Claudia Martinez, Marlena Chiarella.
  • Westmont Visual and Performing Arts Academy: Estrella Malaluan, Minako Okano, Greg Gilger.
  • Superintendent’s Office: Leslie Sheridan, president, President”s Roundtable.

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