Pacifica, LQ getting new gyms, theaters

ARTIST’S CONCEPTION of new theaters now under construction at Pacifica High School in West Garden Grove and La Quinta High School in Westminster (GGUSD image).

The transformation of Pacifica and La Quinta high schools into what are becoming nearly brand new campuses continues, with more changes on the way.

According to Abby Milone, public information officer for the Garden Grove Unified School District, the two schools – nearly identical in layout – will be getting new gymnasiums, pools and locker rooms. Contracts for the construction of those new facilities were approved by the GGUSD Board of Education in May.

Each school will get a larger pool, a larger three-court gymnasium and the new locker rooms.

Athletic facilities aren’t the only beneficiary of school modernization bonds approved by local voters. Currently under construction at LQHS and PHS are new theaters. Each will have a seating capacity of 450 and should be complete by February 2020.

La Quinta, the district’s fifth high school, is located on McFadden Street (east of Brookhurst Street) in Westminster. Pacifica, the sixth, is on Lampson Avenue (west of Knott Street) in West Garden Grove. They were both opened in the mid-Sixties.

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