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By-district allocations on council agenda

THE IDEA of allocating some parts of the city council’s contingency fund by district is on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting of the Garden Grove City Council (Shutterstock).

Should some money from the city budget be allocated by city council district? That idea will be discussed at Tuesday’s meeting of the Garden Grove City Council.

The council consists of six council members elected by district and the mayor, who is chosen by voters citywide. What may be considered is to take the council’s current $41,365 contingency fund and allocate a portion of that to each council member for allocations within that district, with an equal share for the mayor.

In a staff report from the city manager’s office, splitting up the contingency fund could result in about $5000 for each member and the mayor. The balance of $6,365 would remain as a contingency.

Under the recommendation, all expenditures would be administered through the city manager’s office. There’d be no additional cost to the city.

Also on Tuesday night, the council will consider a proclamation recognizing the transition of the Garden Grove Fire Department to the Orange County Fire Authority as of Aug. 16.

The city council will meet in its chambers in the Community Meeting Center at 11300 Stanford Ave. at 6:30 p.m.



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  1. No. “Contingency” sounds like these were set aside for emergencies. Unless we have another “emergency” fund, this is a very tiny amount for emergencies for a city our size. If council members want a project done in their area, then they should bring that forward and have it come out of an annual budget.

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