Resolution would add fuel to political fire


If you had any idea that the political civil war now underway in Westminster was going to calm down, you will probably be disappointed next Wednesday.

Among the items on the agenda for that meeting is a remarkable proposed resolution entitled “Condemning Campaign of Political Disruption and Misinformation to Foment Disorder in the City and on the City Council.’

Mayor Tri Ta is proposing the resolution that attempts to draw a connection between the communist government of the (communist) Socialist Republic of Vietnam and those opposed to the city council majority of Ta and council members Chi Charlie Nguyen and Kimberly Ho.

Those three are under threat of a recall campaign. A retaliatory campaign against the other two council members – Tai Do and Sergio Contreras – is also underway, as in an effort to recall Garden Grove council member Phat Bui, who is allied with the council minority.

The proposed resolution – without naming names – says that those opposing the council majority are “sabotaging the cause of Vietnamese freedom and democracy while doing serious harm to the solidarity of the Vietnamese-American community.”

Such a resolution would be an unprecedented effort to put the city’s official weight behind a political campaign. It essentially would be a civic endorsement of opposition to efforts to recall the council majority.

Expect a big turnout in the council chambers. Expect increased turmoil, lawsuits and more as the civil war escalates into unknown terrain.

Park yourself here

In the course of a discussion Tuesday about a condo project before the city council, Huntington Beach Mayor Erik Peterson remarked “it seems that parking studies always say that the parking is adequate.”

Not taking sides here, but that does ring a bell.  In all our combined experience in covering these things, it’s difficult to pull back an instance in which a company hired by a developer did a parking study and the summary said words to the effect of “Wow, you’re really way off. What were you thinking?”

And yet you can drive around our towns and see shopping centers and other projects in which traffic circulation is choked almost to a standstill and you take your life into your hands just trying to back out of a parking stall.
It reminds us of the old joke about the newspaper publisher who asked the circulation manager how large the readership was. “What would you like it to be?” came the reply.

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