Huntington Beach

Crackdown on disabled parking abuse

A CRACKDOWN on the abuse of disabled parking placards starts today (Feb. 1) in Huntington Beach, with fines up to $880 (Flickr/Roujo).

Beginning Feb. 1, Huntington Beach Police Department parking control officers will have a new tool to help combat the rampant abuse of disabled person’s parking privileges.

A new ordinance passed by city council makes the illegal use of a disabled person’s license plate or placard a city violation carrying a fine of $880. This ordinance will provide the parking team with an opportunity to enforce the growing trend of misuse.

Parking control officers may continue to request documentation when contacting individuals displaying a disabled placard/license along with verifying records though DMV.

Types of potential violations include: using the placard without the registered owner present, displaying an expired placard or plate, or using a placard or plate that has been altered or has been reported lost or stolen. Misuse also applies to any of the above when parking on an on-street meter or other designated parking privileges established by the DMV.…/d…/pubs/brochures/fast_facts/ffvr07

The unit’s goal is to deter fraudulent use of disabled parking privileges and ensure equitable and accessible parking for all citizens. Citations can be contested within 21 days by visiting

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