Garden Grove

Drugs, cash and guns are seized

SIGN at residence prohibits “stupid people.” Garden Grove police arrested two people and seized cash, drugs and guns in a raid on a suspected gambling den (GGPD photo).

About $3,500 in cash, two guns and a cache of illegal drugs was seized recently by the Garden Grove Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit.

According to the GGPD, the SIU has been conducting an ongoing investigation of a home where illegal gambling was underway. With the assistance of the department’s Community Impact Unit, officers served a search warrant and made two arrests, as well as made several seizures. Taken was the cash, drugs that included cocaine, methamphetamine and 40 vials of Ketamine, and two firearms. One of those was a pistol with a carbine conversion kit for a Glock pistol.

Ketamine is a drug used medically in anesthesia but is highly dangerous when abused.

The two persons arrested were also held for possession for sales of drugs and possession of an illegal firearm.


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