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Ban on travel from Europe imposed

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, in a televised address Wednesday, announced a partial ban on travel from Europe.

As concern over the spread of the coronavirus mounts, measures to prevent further infection were announced Wednesday.

President Donald Trump, in a televised address, said that travel into the United States from all European nations – except for Great Britain – would be suspended for a period of 30 days.

However, the ban was later stated to apply only to foreign nationals, not to U.S. citizens who had been successfully screened before returning to America. The ban would also apply only to people, not goods.

Trump said he would “marshal the full power of the federal government” in the effort to contain the virus. He also placed much of the blame on the European Union for not restricting travel from China, where it first appeared.

Other virus-related news includes:

  • The NBA has announced it is suspending its schedule of play after one player tested positive for the virus.
  • Actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson revealed they had been diagnosed with coronavirus while in Australia.
  • Universities along the Pacific Coast are cancelling in-person classes and moving to conduct courses and exams on-line.

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