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Stocks rise on coronavirus hopes

STOCKS ROSE sharply on Wall Street Monday as hopes rose for an improvement in the coronavirus situation in New York City. The bull is the symbol of an improving market (Shutterstock)

Wall Street reacted enthusiastically Monday to some hopeful signs of improvement in the coronavirus pandemic. The Dow Jones Average rose by more than 1,600 points as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo noted that the number of deaths in and around New York City were declining.

“The numbers look like it may be turning, ‘Yay, it’s over!’ No, it’s not,” said Cuomo, according to the Associated Press. “And other places have made that mistake.” Deaths in the U.S. on Monday passed 10,000 and there are over 350,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections, reports Johns Hopkins University. In New York state, the death toll is over 4,700, with most in the New York City area.

Increases in the number of deaths from the virus in Japan and France have been announced. Worldwide the death total is at 74,565 with 1,345,048 infections estimated. Total patients recovered is put at 276,515.

Wisconsin primary election is back on again

The on-again, off-again primary election in Wisconsin scheduled for Tuesday is back on again … probably.

After Gov. Tony Evans, a Democrat, issued an order to postpone the election and turn it into a by-mail balloting in June, the Wisconsin Supreme Court – mostly justices appointed by Republican governors – quickly blocked the order and ordered that the election go on as scheduled.

The governor and other Democrats argued that voters would have to choose between exercising their franchise and exposing themselves to the coronavirus. Republicans replied that all-mail voting carried a greater risk of voter fraud and that some local offices being contested on April 7 would fall vacant on April 20.

In the matter of presidential primaries, Wisconsin has 90 delegates to the Democratic National Convention and former vice president Joe Biden is heavily favored to get another victory. An average of recent polls in the Dairy State shows Biden leading Vermont Sen. Bernie Adams 52.3 percent to 35.6 percent.

Intensive care for United Kingdom P.M.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care for treatment of the coronavirus. Johnson was hospitalized on Saturday after testing positive earlier for COVID-19.

Johnson has been criticized for what some called a slow response by the British government to the pandemic. Britain is now fifth worldwide with 5,373 deaths. The U.S. is third with over 10,000 fatalities.

More rain on the way for Orange County

April showers are expected to continue this week with rain predicted to fall on Tuesday, lightening through Thursday and then turning to partly cloudy toward the weekend.

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