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OC, world virus figures show hope

EFFORTS TO slow the growth of the coronavirus such as wearing masks, frequent hand-washing and social distancing are starting to show results (Pexels/Anna Shvets).

The count of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Orange County continues to show lower numbers than reported weeks or even days ago.

Tuesday’s compilation from the Orange County Health Care Agency showed 23 new cases. That’s up from nine on Monday, but below the previous days’ total of 25.
As recently as April 8, the count was 90 and on April 1 it was 104.

The cumulative case count for the OC is now 1,299. There were no deaths reported in this latest tabulation, and the total county deaths are 19.

Cases currently hospitalized are 122, with 62 people in intensive care units.

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Is coronavirus curve starting to flatten?

National and worldwide confirmed cases of the coronavirus continued to mount but there may be some evidence of a “flattening of the curve” of infection.

Worldwide the number of total confirmed cases is 1,973,715, according to the tabulations of the Johns Hopkins University, with the United States leading with 605,193. Spain was next with 172,541, followed by Italy with 162,488, France with 131,361 and Germany with 131,359.

The total deaths worldwide is 125,910, with the U.S. leading with 24,685. Following is Italy with 21,067, Spain with 18,056 and France with 15,729.

However, JHU’s logarimithic projection of deaths shows a moderation of the rate of fatalities (see chart one) and a recent sharp drop in daily cases worldwide (see chart two).

A LOGARITHMIC projection of coronavirus deaths. Chart one. (Johns Hopkins University).

DAILY COUNT of new coronavirus cases (JHU).  Chart two.

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