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Coronavirus rate is still on the rise

WASHING your hands is still a good idea, even with the arrival of the first anti-coronavirus drug (Pixels).

The New York metropolitan area remains the center of the coronavirus pandemic, but even if you take that regions’ numbers out of the tally, the national infection rate continues to climb.

That’s the conclusion of an analysis by the Associated Press posted on Tuesday. The AP is reporting that the number of new confirmed
infections each day is over 20,000 with deaths over 1,000.

“This increase is not because of testing,” according to Dr. Zuo Feng Zhang of UCLA. “It’s a real increase.”

The relaxation of strict measures against the COVID-19 in some states has led some projections of deaths to increase to almost 243,000. So far, there have been 70,365 deaths in the U.S. tied to coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The number of deaths attributed to the virus has risen to over 32,000 in Great Britain and nearly 30,000 in Italy.

Baseball is back! In Korea …

In what may or may not be an example for other professional sports, the season began Tuesday with baseball in South Korea.

BASEBALL starts in Korea(Shutterstock).

The Korean Baseball Organization began play in empty stadiums, watched in person only by umpires, cheerleaders and TV camera operators, all masked.

Strict measures will be employed to keep the games from becoming a health hazard, according to the AP. If any player tests positive, the league will be shut down for three or more weeks.

Pro soccer is expected to start its season shortly on Friday, also in empty stadiums.

Travel decline hitting Airbnb hard

The severe drop in travel is not only hitting air travel and hotels hard, it appears to be slamming the short-term rental market as well.

The founder of the movement, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, notified that 1,900 of its 7,500 workers would be let go. New U.S. bookings are reported to be down upwards of 50 percent.

Short-term rentals are popular with many travelers, but are believed to take business away from traditional motels and hotels. In cities where “hotel bed tax” is a key part of municipal finances, STRs (renting a house or a room in a house for less than 30 days) are illegal.

Hot now, but cooler soon

High temperatures in Orange County will stay in the low 90s through Thursday with overnight lows dropping into the mid-60s. Friday will see a sharp drop to the mid-80s and the high next Monday (May 11) could be as low as 77 degrees.

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