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Local election season opens July 13

THE LOCAL ELECTION season starts on July 13 (Shutterstock).

Believe it or not, the opening of the local election season is less than a month away.

Voters in the West Orange County cities of Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Westminster will be selecting mayors, city councilmembers, school board trustees and more on Nov. 3.

Much of the attention, of course, goes to the presidential election pitting incumbent President Donald Trump, a Republican, against Democrat Joe Biden, the former vice president.

But it’s local elections where voters can have the most impact, so The Tribune will be doing its best to focus attention on those races. As has been our tradition since 2016, we will offer to post – at no charge – a candidate profile and photo for each candidate.

The nomination period will begin on July 13. Candidates must return completed paperwork – including nomination petition – by Aug. 7, unless an eligible incumbent doesn’t run. In that case, the deadline is Aug. 12.

Here is how we see the local election lineup of seats to be contested. Incumbents are listed but may not necessarily be running for re-election.

Garden Grove City Council (four seats)

  • Mayor: Steve Jones
  • City Council District 2: John O’Neill.
  • City Council District 5: Stephanie Klopfenstein.
  • City Council District 6: Kim Nguyen.

Westminster City Council (two seats)

The city is transitioning from an at-large to a by-district election process.  Seats on ballot will be:

  • Districts 2 and 3

Huntington Beach City Council (three seats)

  • Councilmember Lyn Semeta.
  • Councilmember Jill Hardy (termed out).
  • Councilmember Patrick Brenden.

Huntington Beach officers

  • City Clerk Robin Estinislau.
  • City Treasurer Alisa Cutchen.

Stanton City Council (two seats)

The city is transitioning from an at-large to a by-district election process. Seats on the ballot will be:

  • Districts 2 and 4.

Garden Grove Unified School District (two seats)

  • Area 1: Terri Rocco.
  • Area 3: Walter Muneton.
  • Area 5: Dina Nguyen.

Westminster School District (two seats)

  • Area 4: Jamison Power.
  • Area 1: Frances Nguyen.

Huntington Beach Union High School District (two seats)

  • Michael Simmons.
  • Susan Henry.

Huntington Beach City School District (two seats)

  • Ann Sullivan.
  • Bridget Kaub.

Ocean View School District (two seats)

  • Gina Clayton-Taylor.
  • Norm Westwell





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