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Anaheim says to wear a mask

ANAHEIM is requiring face coverings in public (Shutterstock).

Is the coronavirus making a comeback? Some cities fear that it is.

On Tuesday, the City of Anaheim announced that a mandatory mask policy would be in place effective immediately. All persons in the city are required to wear a face covering when in public in the city.

The decision comes as Anaheim’s case and death count continues to mount.  According to the Orange County Health Care Agency, Anaheim has had 2,591 cases of coronavirus and 85 deaths. That’s the second-highest count in the county for COVID-19 infections and fatalities.

In Laguna Beach, the city has announced it will close its beaches on July 4 in an effort to curb the spread of the pandemic. City officials are concerned that the popular holiday falling on a weekend could lead to crowding, which is contrary to the recommended medical advice to practice social distancing.

Huntington Beach, however, will go in a different direction. The city’s beaches will be open all weekend, but be patrolled by police and marine safety personnel to “encourage and enforce social distancing,” according to an announcement made Tuesday.

Additional signage and announcements from the pier will be made to underline the rules.

The beaches will close at 10 p.m. and the pier at midnight, with the annual professional fireworks show cancelled because of state orders against large gatherings.


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  1. It has to have slowed down in order to be making a comeback! It never has! The first is still climbing!

  2. I left this comment but it was removed. I guess they don’t want you to know the truth and have the sheep obey. Here’s the comment again: If you wear a mask you are doing wrong. You are cultivating bacteria in your lungs due to restricted breathing. The bacteria you are cultivating will spread to others and infect them. Also you are impairing your ability to function due to low oxygen level because of the mask making you a risk to others.

    • Dumbest comment I’ve seen a this.
      While there are exceptions what this person is saying is making it sounds like the rule, that is just plain wrong.
      Wear a mask, the life you save may be that of a love one.

  3. Joe Mahma, your comment should be removed again (if it happened the first time). Obey the mandate and wear a mask…always. It is the only way to slow the spread of the virus and, hopefully, get us back to the norm we all miss. It has nothing to do with sheep. *That* is the truth.

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