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Florida swamped by coronavirus

FLORIDA is being hit hard by the coronavirus (Shutterstock).

Cases of coronavirus are mounting across Florida, as the state reported high numbers Sunday and Monday. According to United Press International, the Sunshine State had 12,624 new cases on Monday, its second-highest tally. That pushed the total cases there to 282,435. Sunday’s total was 15,300, the highest of any state for a single day so far.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said the numbers were “out of control.”

The state of New York reported no new coronavirus deaths for the first time since March. That’s considered a milestone because the New York City area was the first major COVID-19 hot spot in the United States.

California on Monday backed off on earlier re-opening moves, as Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered the closing of many indoor businesses including restaurants, movie theaters and bars.

Also in the news: New name for football team

The Washington NFL franchise will be dropping its “Redskins” team name, and select a replacement … The federal budget deficit hit an all-time monthly deficit of $864 billion in June, according to the U.S Treasury Department …  Four people have been charged in the death of rapper Pop Smoke. Two were men and two teenage youths are suspected in the deadly home invasion …

Monday not a fun day for stocks

With a surge in coronavirus cases and the closing of many businesses that follow, Wall Street had an off-day on Monday. The Dow Jones Average managed a modest increase, but the other two major stock exchanges took it on the chin.

The Dow rose by 10.50 points to 26,085.80, an increase of 0.04 percent. However, the S&P 500 fell 29.82 points to 3,155.22, a decline of 0.94 percent. The Nasdaq fell even harder, losing 2.13 percent when it lost 29.82 points to go to 3,155.22.

Cooler times on the way

If the warm weather over the weekend was a bit much for you, there are cooler times in store for West Orange County cities. According to the National Weather Service, highs will dip this week into the 70s after several days in the 90s and 80s. Tuesday will see clouds in the mid-morning, followed by clearing skies and a high of 78. The overnight low will be around 64. Wednesday will be similar, accompanied by some gusty winds up to 25 miles an hour.


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