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New U.S. record for COVID-19

A NEW NATIONAL record for most one-day COVID-19 infections (

A new record for the most COVID-19 cases in a single day was registered on Tuesday. According to United Press International, the count was 67,147 cases, according to an update on Wednesday by Johns Hopkins University.

That’s a jump from the recent national daily overage of around 62,000 cases. The greatest surges in new cases are in Florida, Texas and California.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the worldwide count of cases is at 13,512,693, with 3,495,536 in the United States.

The death total across the globe is at 583,359, with the U.S. having the most at 137,358.

Walmart, Kohl’s want you to “mask up”

Two of America’s largest retailers are imposing policies requiring all customers to wear a face covering when shopping in their stores. Kohl’s made that announcement on Wednesday; it will take effect on Monday, July 20, according to USA Today.

Also instituting that policy are Walmart, Target and Kroger’s (Ralphs’ parent company). Employees at those stores are already required to wear masks.

Also with mask policies are Best Buy, Starbucks and Panera Bread.

Also in the news … The first governor with COVID-19

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has tested positive for the coronavirus, the first governor so far in the United States. •  A federal judge blocked the next three scheduled federal executions over a controversy related to the use of lethal injections. • Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by a margin of 15 points, according to a new poll by Quinnipiac University. Biden has the support of 52 percent compared to 37 percent for Trump.

Banking on a virus drug

Hope for a coronavirus vaccine helped lift stock prices for the second consecutive day on Wall Street. The three major indexes all posted healthy gains.

The Dow Jones Average rose 227.51 points to 26,870.10, an increase of 0.85 percent. The S&P 500 went up 29.04 points to 3,226.56, a rise of 0.91 percent. The Nasdaq jumped 61.91 points to 10.550.49, an increase of 0.59 percent.

Biggest gainers of the day were Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruises and Carnival Corp., all operators of luxury cruise lines. The top losers were Ball Corp. (industrial goods), Bank of New York Mellon and Fortinet (technology).

Just a wee bit warmer….

A slight warming trend is coming our way for the West Orange County area. According to the National Weather Service, Thursday will be cloudy in the morning, turning to clearing skies and a high of 79. But on Friday, the temperature should edge up to 81 and 83 on Saturday. For each day, it’s again clouds in the morning and sunny skies in the afternoon.


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