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New record highs in coronavirus

NEW RECORD highs in coronavirus cases are reported (Flickr/Prachatai)

The number of new COVID-19 cases is continuing to rise nationwide against a backdrop of battles over measures such as the wearing of masks.
According to The New York Times, over 74,000 cases were reported on Thursday, with one spike of 5,000 cases in San Antonio (partly because of a delay in reporting) and a jump in Florida of 13,965 cases and 156 deaths tied to the virus, reported the Associated Press. The Arizona health agency stated that its morgue storage was 63 percent full and that some funeral homes are unable to accept more bodies because of the lack of space.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the worldwide count of cases is now at 13,758,533, with the United States the leader with 3,570,037. Following are Brazil with 2,012,151 and India with 968,876. Global deaths are now at 589,093, with the U.S. having 138,291 of those, followed by Brazil with 76,688 and the United Kingdom/Great Britain at 45,204.

1.3 million file for jobless relief

CORONAVIRUS has prompted layoffs (Shutterstock).

Another 1.3 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits, according to the U.S. Labor Department. Thursday’s announcement showed a slight decline – 10,000 cases – from the previous week, but the jobless rate is estimated at 11.9 percent.

According to United Press International, the total number of continuing claims is at 17.3 million people. Overall, 50 million people have filed for unemployment, although some have since returned to work. In a separate program for “gig” workers and others who don’t qualify for traditional state unemployment benefits, around 1 million claims were filed.

Also in the news …  Women suing Washington NFL team

Fifteen women employees of the team formerly known as the Redskins have alleged sexual harassment and verbal abuse by executives of the team. • Four hundred thirty-five people have been arrested in Louisville, Kentucky in protests over the death of Breonna Taylor who was shot by police when executing a “no-knock” warrant. • The Governor of Georgia is suing the mayor of Atlanta for issuing a demand to wear face-coverings to fight the coronavirus.

Stock market takes a tumble

STOCK markets dipped.

Wednesday’s elation over the potential for a coronarivrus drug wasn’t enough to sustain a two-day rally. The three major stock indexes fell on Thursday.

The Dow Jones Industrials dropped 135.39 to 26,734.71, a decrease of 0.50 percent. The S&P 500 declined 10.99 points to 3,215.57, a fall of 0.34percent. Nasdaq skidded 76.66 points to 10,473.83, a decline of 0.74 percent.

More of the same, day and night

It’s getting monotonous, but that’s OK. We enjoy the National Weather  Service’s forecast for West Orange County, which continues to call for clouds in the morning and at night and sunny, warm weather during the day. Friday should reach a high of 84, rising to 85 on Saturday and 86 on Sunday. Overnight lows will be 64. A cooling trend is expected to arrive next week.


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