Garden Grove

Police shut down street racers

SIX VEHICLES were impounded by Garden Grove police in their efforts Saturday and Sunday against street racing (GGPD photo).

Street racing is gaining in popularity and danger. The Garden Grove Police Department launched an effort last weekend to curb the problem.

According to the GGPD, street racers congregated at the Village Green park at Main and Euclid streets Saturday night and found that GGPD motorcycle officers saturated the area, wrote numerous citations and impounded one vehicle.

Later that night, police learned of another group of 400 cars and over 1,000 people at Euclid Street and Katella Avenue, where the city limits of Anaheim and Garden Grove meet.

GGPD officers stood their position on the Garden Grove side to deter racers from crossing over. About 10 to 15 did and began doing “donuts” in the parking lot area. Officers from Garden Grove and other agencies dispersed the crowd, arrested one person and impounded his vehicle.

On Sunday, the focus shifted to a parking lot at Westminster Avenue and Euclid Street, where police dispersed a crowd of over 500 cars and 1,500 people and issued many citations.

Overall, the GGPD had two DUI arrests, multiple street racing arrests, six impounded vehicles and issued over 80 citations for vehicle and alcohol violations.

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