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A (financial) tale of two races

THE STANTON CIVIC CENTER complex (OC Tribune photo).

It looks like one tough race and one walk in the park.

If you judge political viability by money raised and spent, the Nov. 3 Stanton city council election might be a one-person contest in District 4 and a potential battle in District 2.

According to campaign financial statements filed with the city clerk’s office, Councilmember Carol Warren is the only candidate – among three – declaring she has raised money. Her Form 460 shows she has contributions of $8,805.17 and has spent $4,155.43. The form does not show a cash balance, but our math suggests a net of $4,649.74.

In the District 2 race, appointed Councilmember Hong Alyce Van has raised $4,137, spent $3,961.36 and has $1,146.26 on hand, and $147 in debt.

Challenger DeWayne Allen Normand has raised $16,220, spent $7,224.65 and has $7,725.35 on hand.

Josh Estrada and Jeff Jones – both District 4 candidates – filed forms indicating they would raise and spend less than $2000.

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  1. Van has spent tireless hours of community service even before she took office. I’ve seen her for years now!!!

  2. Alycy Van is on the Stanton Community Foundation, and has helped raise funds. These funds help our seven elementary schools that serve Stanton children….either receive a school hoodie, make it possible for school teachers to write a grant for something their classroom needs, buy shopping carts for our Park Place senior apartment to use for shopping and more. She is hard working and trustworthy..

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