Orange County is red once again

ORANGE COUNTY coronavirus metrics this week keeps the OC in the red tier (Shutterstock).

Orange County’s key metrics on seeking to corral the coronavirus rose in the latest tally by the State of California, keeping the OC in the “red” (substantial) tier.

According to statistics published today – Tuesday– by the California Department of Public Health, the county had a test positivity rate of 3.2 percent, which meets the requirements for the “orange” (moderate) tier. However, the rate per 100,000 of new COVID-19 cases rose from 4.6 last week to 5.1 this week. The target is 3.9 or less.

Orange County also missed its goal for health equity of 5.2 to get to the less restrictive orange tier. The county’s rate is 6.0 and was at 5.6 last week. The health equity metric measures whether improvements in fighting the COVID-19 infections is spread across all neighborhoods.

The numbers are computed on a seven-day basis, with a seven-day lag. They are updated every Tuesday.


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  1. Because a county must be a the next level for two straight weeks, we knew that it would still be red this week. It will still be red next week. Because of the 7 day lag, Orange County will be Red the next two weeks for certain. This is not ‘News’.

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