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Incumbents enjoying a good night

INCUMBENTS were on the road to victory in almost every local race Tuesday night (Shutterstock),

This is a developing story. We expect to post an update with specific vote counts around midnight.

UPDATE: Here are the results posted by the Orange County Registrar of Voters for city council races in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Westminster as of midnight. We will have new numbers in the morning.

Garden Grove Mayor

  • Steve Jones (incumbent): 33,231
  • Phat Bui: 14,593
  • Don Taylor: 2,625

Garden Grove City Council District 2

  • John O’Neill (incumbent): 5,189
  • Julie Diep: 4,301

Garden Grove City Council District 5

  • Stephanie Klopfenstein (incumbent): 5,560
  • Robert Tucker: 2,345

Garden Grove City Council District 6

  • Kim Bernice Nguyen (incumbent): 4,416
  • Huan Nguyen: 1,445

Huntington Beach City Council (3 seats; the top 10 are listed)

  • Tito Ortiz: 34,643.
  • Dan Kalmick: 26,890
  • Natalie Moser: 26,569
  • Gracey Van Der Mark: 19,592.
  • Oscar Rodriguez: 19,049.
  • Brian Burley: 18,049
  • Matthew Harper: 17,381
  • Casey McKeon: 16,652
  • Jeff Morin: 14,460
  • William “Billy” O’Connell: 14,440

Stanton City Council District 2

  • Hong Alyce Van (incumbent): 1,148
  • DeWayne Allen Normand: 1,056

Stanton City Council District 4

  • Carol Warren (incumbent): 1,234
  • Jeff Jones: 776
  • Josh Estrada: 396

Westminster City Council District 2

  • Carlos Manzo: 2,735
  • Namquan Nguyen: 2,179
  • Trung Ta: 1,227

Westminster City Council District 3

  • Kimberly Ho: 5,201
  • Tai Do: 2,928


Incumbents are having a good night Tuesday in Orange County elections, according to initial results from the county registrar of voters.

In The Tribune’s coverage area of Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Westminster, here are some early indications.

  • In Garden Grove, all incumbents on the city council and school board are leading and possibly on their way to re-election.
  • In Huntington Beach, there will be three new members on the city council and the leaders are Dan Kalmick, Natalie Moser and Tito Ortiz. In the Huntington Beach Union High School District (which also includes Westminster and Fountain Valley), the two incumbents – Susan Henry and Michael Simons – were holding substantial leads over challengers. Imcumbent Bridget Kaub has a strong lead in the Area One set in the Huntington Beach City School District.
  • In Stanton, appointed incumbent Hong Alyce Van was leading challenger DeWayne Allen Normand for the District 2 seat, and incumbent Carol Warren has more votes than her two challengers combined.
  • In Westminster, there will be at least one new member of the city council. In the battle for the District 2 seat, Carlos Manzo has a lead over NamQuan Nguyen and Trung Ta. In a race where two incumbents faced each other for the District 3 seat, Kimberly Do was off to a lead against Tai Do. In the Westminster School District Area One seat contest, David Johnson has a substantial lead over Angel Ramirez.

At the county level, incumbent Andrew Do has a small leader over challenger Sergio Contreras.

At the state level, the most closely-watched race is for the 72nd District Assembly District. Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen has a narrow lead over Janet Nguyen.

At the federal level, incumbent Democrat Harley Rouda has a strong lead over Republican Michelle Steel, a member of the county board of supervisors.

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