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White House race too close to call

THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is still too close to call (Shutterstock).

This is a developing story. We will update at midnight and in the morning.

UPDATE: As of midnight Tuesday, the national presidential picture hadn’t changed much in the past hour. Here’s how things stand.

  • Democrat Joe Biden is leading in electoral college votes by anywhere from seven to 25 votes – depending on who’s doing the counting – but President Donald Trump is ahead in five states for which a winner has not been declared.
  • In the popular vote, Biden leads 66,979,245 votes (49.8 percent) to 65,202,264 (48.6 percent) for Trump.
  • Democrats will retain and probably expand control of the House of Representatives. Republicans are expected to retain control of the Senate.


Overtime? Extra innings?

The 2020 presidential election is making history for money-raising, voter turnout and passion. It may even make more history for being the most drawn-out affair since 2000, with its recounts and hanging chads. Despite pre-election polls showing Democratic nominee and former vice president Joe Biden with a substantial lead over incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, as election night dragged on, the situation became much different.

As of 10:45 p.m., Biden held a narrow popular vote lead of about 1.8 million votes over the president (about 1.4 percent of all ballots cast and counted), but who was winning the race to the number of 270 electoral votes needed to capture the White House?

Fox News had Biden ahead with 238 votes to 213 for Trump. NBC News had Biden ahead with 220 votes to 213 for Trump. USA Today has Biden in the lead by 224 to 213, as does the New York Times.

However, Trump was leading in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. In those states, Biden’s campaign is counting on a late count of votes in urban areas – which tend to trend Democratic – such as Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

It’s possible recounts and technical difficulties may push the decision to Thursday or later.


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