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Is today the day of decision?

TODAY could be the day when American learns who really won the 2020 presidential election. Democrat Joe Biden leads Republican President Donald Trump, but it’s not over yet. (Shutterstock).

This is a continuing story; we will update it as appropriate.

Today could be the day when Americans get the news of who has won the 2020 presidential race. Votes are still being counted in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and North Carolina.

The Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, is leading in the popular vote by 50.5 percent (72.7 million votes) to President Donald Trump’s 47.8 percent (68.9 million votes). Biden also leads in Electoral College votes by either 253 to 214 or 264 to 214, depending on whether a news agency counts Arizona as being a Biden win. It takes 270 votes to win.

If the Democrat has 264 votes, a victory in Nevada (six votes) will be enough to make him the 46th president. If it’s really 253, he could triumph with wins in Nevada and Arizona, or just with a victory in Pennsylvania.

As of this writing, Biden is leading in Arizona and Nevada. Trump is ahead is Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, although the margins in those states are getting narrower. To be victorious, the president must win four of those five states.

The News: Jobless rate down, claims up

The national unemployment rate is at 5 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, but 750,000 more workers have applied for jobless benefits. The rate is computed based on people actively seeking work • Smoking in public places has been outlawed in North Korea. The new law affects theaters, health facilities, restaurants and public transportations, according to United Press International • The Pac-12 football opener between California and Washington has been cancelled because Cal couldn’t field the minimum number of scholarship players due to COVID-19. The game will not be rescheduled • Perhaps deciding that divided power in Washington is good for Wall Street, the major stock indexes rose on Thursday. The Dow was up 542.52 points, while the S&P 500 saw a rise of 67.01, Nasdaq had a gain of 300.15 points.

Weather: Hot Friday, but a cool weekend

That’s right. The West Orange County area is forecast for a high of 90 degrees for Thursday, but that won’t last. According to the National Weather Service, the high will dip to 71 on Friday with patchy fog giving way to sunny skies. The overnight low will be 55 with a chance of showers. Then we’ll get a dose of real autumn over the weekend with a high of 62 on Saturday with rain likely (overnight low of 51), followed by a 50 percent change of rain on Sunday with a high of 61. Sunday night looks to have a frosty low of 46. As always, temperatures should be cooler along the coast. Friday will be foggy, then sunny with a high of 66, with some rain through Sunday night. Highs for Saturday and Sunday look to be 68 in Huntington Beach.

Sports: College football returns on Saturday

There are no major sports events planned for the Southern California area on Thursday or Friday, but the local college football teams will be back in (tardy) action.

On Saturday, USC will host Arizona State at 1:25 (Channel 11) and UCLA will visit Colorado at 4 p.m. (ESPN 2).

The Los Angeles Rams have a week off, but the Los Angeles Chargers (2-5) will host the Las Vegas Raiders (4-3) on Sunday at 1:05 p.m. (Channel 11).


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