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Govt. workers must get “jabs”

MORE GOVERNMENT employees are being told they must get vaccinated or be tested weekly for coronavirus. (Shutterstock).

In response to the rise in confirmed new coronavirus cases across the nation, local state and federal agencies are starting to require that their employees get vaccinations.

According to the Associated Press, all state employees in California will be required to get inoculated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly for evidence of the virus. Also, that requirement will apply to all state and private on-site health care workers in the Golden State. Proof of vaccination will be required.

Additionally, in New York City, Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced Monday that all city workers – a category that includes police officers, firefighters and teachers – must get vaccinated by mid-September or expect to get tested weekly.

Also, the federal Veterans’ Administration is requiring its health care workers to be vaccinated as well.

Some cities and counties – Los Angeles and St. Louis among them – are issuing orders requiring that members of the public wear face coverings when indoors.

About 57 percent of all Americans have received at least one dose of vaccine, according to The New York Times. Among those 18 and up, the figure rises to 69 percent. Those fully vaccinated are at 49 percent and among adults, it’s 60 percent.

The rise in new cases is attributed by public health officials to be largely among people who are not vaccinated.

Five people dead in Kern County shooting

A shooting Sunday in the San Joaquin County community of Wasco has left five people dead, including a deputy sheriff.

USA Today is reporting that the deputy was fatally shot when he reported to a standoff between law enforcement and an occupant of the home. In addition to the deputy – who was not named – the shooter and three people in the home who may have been victims of the gunman are dead. Another deputy was wounded in the incident.

The identities of the other fatalities were also not immediately released.

Report: Aaron Rodgers will return to Packers.

AARON RODGERS (Wikipedia).

Three-time NFL Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers will return to the Green Bay Packers for at least one more season, according to ESPN.

The sports television network reported that Rogers would receive certain “concessions” that will change how the Packer organization is operated. Through much of the summer, it appeared that Rodgers might not play or perhaps be traded to another team.

Rodgers, who is 37 years old, may be nearing the end of his career with the Packers, who are poised to bring Jordan Love, drafted by Green Bay in 2020, into a starting role, perhaps in 2022. Love, 22, played college football at UNLV and Utah State and skipped his senior year to be eligible for the NFL draft.

  • Olympic medal count: The United States is in second place in both in total medals and gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics as of 5 p.m. Pacific time today (Monday). China has the most medals (18) and Japan the most gold medals (8). The U.S. has 15 medals, of which seven are gold.





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