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“We’ll get you home”: Biden


All Americans and their Afghan allies will be evacuated from Afghanistan, even if it goes beyond the Aug. 31 deadline. That’s what President Joe Biden promised on Friday.

“We’ll get you home,” said Biden of the effort to airlift thousands of people out of Kabul, capital of the central Asian nation overrun by Taliban insurgents who now control most of the countryside. He noted that the evacuation of Afghans who had worked with the U.S. during a 20-year period, was as important as rescuing American citizens.

According to the Associated Press, about 5,700 people – including around 250 Americans where flown out Kabul in Air Force transport planes. Some of the Afghans were picked up by helicopters and ferried into the airport area.

Biden has taken criticism from both parties for the somewhat chaotic evacuations which are taking place after the unexpected collapse of the Afghan military in just 11 days. However, most Americans support the withdrawal, according to a recent AP-NORC poll.

In that survey, 62 percent said the war was “not worth fighting,” compared to 35 percent who took the opposing view. The Iraq War was about as unpopular, with 34 percent in favor and 63 against.

The biggest threat to America, the poll indicated came from domestic terrorism with 65 percent naming that danger as the most serious. Democrats backed that view most strongly (75 percent) with Republicans at 57 percent and Independents at 55 percent.

Biden’s approval rating is at 47 percent on the issue of foreign policy (51 percent disapprove) although he does better on national security (52 percent approve, 45 percent do not).

Pfizer shots likely to get OK

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to give full approval to the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, The New York Times is reporting. The vaccine is now being used, but under an emergency provision.

In other COVID-19 news:

  • Orlando, Florida residents are being asked to use less water in order to preserve the city’s supply of liquid oxygen. Florida is suffering through a major surge in the coronavirus
  • Rice University in Houston, Texas, is shifting its courses online as the Delta variant is spiking new cases of coronavirus in the Lone Star State.






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