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Govt. shutdown may be averted

IF ALL GOES WELL, a looming shutdown of the federal government should be avoided (Shutterstock photo).

A looming shutdown of the federal government over the issue of raising the debt ceiling may have been averted.

According to United Press International, Democrats in Congress have agreed to put forth a resolution to keep the government funded and not turn out the lights on many functions by removing the part about the debt ceiling.

The Senate could vote on a continuing resolution tonight (Wednesday) or possibly on Thursday, reports UPI. It would pay for the government’s operation through the end of the year. Otherwise, the money would cease to flow as of 12:01 a.m. Friday.

Two views of the coronavirus danger

THE CORONAVIRUS (Shutterstock).

Vaccinated older people are more worried about the danger of COVID-19 and more likely to wear masks and take precautions than those who have not been inoculated, according to a new AP-NORC poll.

The survey indicated that 25 percent of those vaccinated are worried about becoming infected, while 61 percent of those not vaccinated are not.

By a wide margin, the recent increases in new cases and deaths are related to the unvaccinated, public health officials say.

Also in the news ….

  • A judge on Wednesday ended the financial oversight of singer Britney Spears by her father, granting a petition by her new lawyer. Her estate is estimated at $60 million.
  • Subpoenas will be issued to 11 organizers of rallies and other activities that preceded the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S Capitol. They are authorized by the bipartisan Congressional select committee investigating the attack.

Sports:  Will time run out on Dodgers?

Still trailing the San Francisco Giants (103-54) by two games in the National League West race, the Los Angeles Dodgers (101-5) are in a win/lose situation. To keep hope alive of a division pennant they must defeat the San Diego Padres at home tonight (7:10 p.m. start) and see the Giants lose at home to the Arizona Diamondbacks (6:45 p.m.).

As for the Los Angeles Angels (74-83), they are in Arlington playing the Texas Rangers (58-99).

Weather:  Sunny skies for a while

The West Orange County area will enjoy summer-like weather do the next three days before partly cloudy conditions resume.  According to, Thursday’s high should be 89, with an overnight low of 59.  A slight cooling trend follows taking temps down to 86 by Saturday. The clouds are expected to return on Sunday. In coastal Huntington Beach – where the Great American Air Show will be held Friday through Sunday – daytime highs will be five to eight degrees cooler.

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