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Southwest cancels many flights

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES has cancelled hundreds of flights over the past several days (Colton Henline/Wikipedia).

Southwest Airlines, which cancelled hundreds of flights over the weekend, cancelled another 350 or more flights today (Monday), and delayed another 1,400, according to the Associated Press.

The airline blamed the problem on bad weather and air traffic control problems.

Another part of the problem is the efforts by the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association to sue to block the airline’s vaccination mandate for all employees. The union is arguing that the company must negotiate any issue that could involve sick leave or disability.

The possibility of a “sick out” by employees was denied by both the association and company management

In addition to those issues, Southwest is undergoing a labor shortage, reports the AP, leading to fewer flights.

Gun violence takes toll on kids

Children and teenagers in the United States are increasingly the victims of gun violence, with this year’s total likely to surpass that of 2020.

United Press International is reporting that 4,472 people 17 years old and younger have been killed or wounded by guns so far in 2021, quoting a report from the Gun Violence Archive group.

The total in 2020 was 5,141. The projection for 2021 is at “more than 5,700” deaths and injures.

Sports: Dodgers back at home vs. Giants

The third game of the National League Division Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants is slated to begin tonight (Monday) at 6:30 p.m. Alex Wood is the starter for the home team and Max Scherzer for the visitors.  It’s on TBS. For more Tribune sports coverage go to: .

Gruden quits: Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigned after disclosures of offensive remarks on race and homosexuality in e-mails. “I never meant to hurt anyone,” he said in his announcement.

Weather: Sunny skies, but windy

Or will be by Tuesday. The forecast calls for sunny days in the West Orange County area through Saturday, with gradually warming daily temperatures. Tuesday will see a high of 74 (overnight low of 49), followed by a 77 on Wednesday and Thursday and an 87 on Friday. In the coastal areas of Huntington Beach, daily highs will be three to five degrees cooler. However, winds of up to 35 miles and hour may hit the area on Tuesday.

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