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Panel subpoenas Flynn, more

MICHAEL T. FLYNN at a 2016 campaign event for Donald Trump (Wikipedia/Gage Skidmore).

A new rash of subpoenas have been issued to supporters and advisers of former president Donald Trump by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

According to The New York Times, six people will be served, including Michael T. Flynn, the one-time national security advisor to Trump. They will be called to testify before the panel and also produce documents related to the riot, which took the life of six people and has led to the arrest of over 650 people.

The focus of the investigation, reports The Times, is beyond just those present at the violent incident toward those who may have been involved in efforts to prevent the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as president and vice president.

Trump and supporters have made the unsupported claim that the election was fraudulent and “stolen.”

Inquiry, lawsuits follow concert tragedy

While authorities in Houston have begun investigations into the causes of the death of eight people on Friday at the Astroworld concert, personal injury lawyers are drawing their own conclusions.

LOGO for Astroworld concert (Wikipedia).

According to United Press International, lawsuits have already been filed by attorney’s representing people who attended the concert. A deadly stampede began while rapper Travis Scott was performing. Among those killed were two teenagers, aged 14 and 16.

Dozens were injured and hundreds were reportedly treated at the scene.

An early lawsuit accuses Scott and event organizers of “gross negligence” that led to the deaths and injuries.

Sports: If you’re the gambling kind …

There’s a lot of interest in – and money bet on – which will be the four teams advancing to the College Football Playoffs. Allstate/ESPN now has a “Playoff Predictor” which attempts to rate the chances of a team making it that far. The latest prognostication from the insurance giant has Georgia (9-0) most likely to succeed at 96 percent, followed by Alabama (8-1) at 81 percent, Oklahoma (9-0) at 58 percent and Ohio State (8-1) also at 58 percent.

These predictions are somewhat at odds with latest AP Top 25 Poll which has Cincinnati (9-0) in second and Oregon (8-1) in fifth instead of Allstate’s ninth spot.

Weather: Get ready to warm up

Tuesday should stay fall-y in the West Orange County area on Tuesday with a daytime high of 69 degrees (overnight low of 56). There will be clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon, and even an 8 percent chance of rain. After that, things will heat up with a high of 72 on Wednesday climbing to 89 on Thursday. In the coastal areas of Huntington Beach, Tuesday will see a high of 67, followed by 70 on  Wednesday and 87 on Thursday.

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